marine cum erection cover
SCOPE: All Risk Cover From Transit till commissioning of the Project
    • Ocean Transit, Inland Transit, Air Transit
perils covered

    Loss or damage to subject matter due to accidental happening on seaFire, explosion, earthquake, volcanic eruption Lightning, washing overboard, Entry of sea or river water Loss of package while loading or unloading Theft, pilferage, breakage, leakage Non-delivery, rain or fresh water damage


    Loss or damage to subject matter due to accidental happening on Road and/or Rail Fire, lightning, breakage of bridges Collision, overturning, derailment or accidents of like nature.


    Loss or damage to subject matter due to accidental happening in air Fire, explosion, lightning Loss of package while loading/unloading Theft, non-delivery, breakage, leakage


Fire, lightning, explosion, implosion Aircraft damage, impact damage Riot, strike, malicious damage, terrorism Storm, tempest, flood and inundation atmospheric disturbances. Landslide, subsidence, earthquake Theft and burglary Negligence, lack of skill Collision, impact, dropping, falling and similar accident at site.Short circuiting, breakdown etc.

  • Ocean, Inland and Air Transits.

    Ordinary leakage, damage due to wilful misconduct Insufficient packing, inherent-vice, delay Wear and tear Insolvency or financial default of Owners,Managers, Charterer of the vessels ( Ocean transit )

  • Storage-cum-Erection.

    War, civil war, rebellion, revolution Destruction by Government Authorities Nuclear reaction, radiation Cessation of work Inventory losses, normal wear and tear Faulty design, defective material Penalties levied on account of non-fulfilment of terms of contract

additional covers marine
  • Deletion of Time Limit Clause.
  • Additional transits.
  • Third Party Liability Cover.
  • Cross Liability Cover.
  • Surrounding Property.
  • Escalation.
  • Clearance and Removal of Debris.
  • Express Freight, Overtime, Night Work, Work on Public.
  • Holidays Wages.
  • Air Freight.
  • Additional Customs Duty.
  • Maintenance Visit Cover.
  • Extended Maintenance Visit Cover.
  • Construction Plant and Equipments.